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[Story] Life In Abuja 2

I saw Tolani
*Short intro on tolani*
Tolani is a girl that has been disturbing me ever since we left jss3, she followed me to the same school in ss1, she had always followed me around, it’s like she was stalking me, she would scare off other girls, and even fight with them. It’s not that I like her, I turned down her offer a lot of time, and each time, she would say “IF I CAN’T HAVE YOU, NO ONE ELSE CAN”, and I’ll be like shey ya mad Ni😅😅.

He Tolani, I faked a smile and I started thinking of a way to escape her, she rushed me like a wrestler and engaged me in a hug that seem inescapable. Finally she disengage and started looking for a way to start a conversation with me and each time she spoke I nooded my head like I’m listening to what she was saying, but deep down I was looking for a way to escape, finally I thought of a way.
Haaaaaa!!!!! I screamed and she faced me with shock and asked me

Tolani:What happened
Me: ouch, I think I hit my leg on a stone, it’s aching me badly
Me: Please help me get balm that I’ll use to rub it,
immediately she crossed the road to get the balm, I quickly JP(Japa-run) I boarded a bike, I didn’t care if it was just a 10 minutes walk left, I just needed to get away from her.

After 2 minutes, I got to work and met my madam at the entrance, The owner of the cyber cafe is a woman, it was very clear she was angry bcoz I came late, I quickly told her I almost had an accident, that’s y I came late, and she believed me.

I got inside and greeted my co-workers and trained some students for about 2 hours, I was tired and decided to take a 2 minutes nap, I went to a chair, to have a nap.




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