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[Let’s Talk] What’s The Best Age For A Guy To Start Dating A Girl? (We Need Answers)

Hello Guys,

I decided to take a stroll in my street during this boring lock down and I heard two girls gisting about something..

One of them was saying she can’t date a small boy that doesn’t have a car and her friend agreed with her saying the person must even be above 30 years cause small boys are players 😮

I am just confused… 🤔

So if a guy is in his early 20s or a teenager he shouldn’t ask a girl out yet??

So then what is the best age to date cause I also read somewhere that boys from age 17-29 should avoid girls now and focus their energy in building their life.

Hmmmm we need answers o-O

Naijalodities 👇

What Is The Best Age For A Guy To Start A Relationship?

Lets hear from you all

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