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[Story] Dear Pepperoni (Prologue)

She’s smart..
Cute but a bit crazy..
She’s only 18 and is already going through the rough patches of life.
Pepperoni Hart lost her parents two months ago.

She had barely began to enjoy her life in college. Her mother’s sisters, Lola and Gigi who were twins but not identical took full custody of Pepperoni and now she has to live with them all the way at New York city.

The first months were rough. Pepperoni doing all the work for them while her aunties go out at night. She has to stay home alone feeling quite insecure since there neighborhood is rich but doesn’t look safe.

Meet Justin Strucker.
A hot seductive 20 years old singer.
He’s the perfect definition of a player.
And From a very wealthy home.

Pepperoni gets into trouble and Lola and Gigi spend alot to bail her.
They decide to initiate her into the work they do for a living.

What kind of job is that?
What’s gonna be her experience? And what’s the mystery behind her name?



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