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[Story] Forbidden Human Mate – Episode 18

I’ve never felt so completely and utterly lost. The last thing I remember hearing from my brother was screaming, and that last thing I remember seeing is his body full of blood. How could someone forget that?

I hear the door behind me open, and Lukas scent hits me. His scientific still, very much, makes me tense. Our connection is still there, but I just can’t bring myself to worry about anything else but what has happened.

“You need to get up, and at least take your wolf for a run.” Luka finally speaks up.

“I don’t want to..” I say lowly not caring if he can hear me or not.

“She finally speaks.” He scoffs.

“Whatever Luka, leave me alone now.” I reply.

“What?” He says. I left myself up on my elbow and turn to face him.

“I heard what you said about me finally talking, if you came to patronize me you can fuck off. Please.” I said, my voice shaky from not using for a whole day.

“I didn’t say it out loud.” He chuckled, which enraged me even more.

“What are you talking about!?”

“Those were my thoughts, babe.”

“Oh great, now I have telepathy.” I rolled my eyes and laid back down.

He walked over to the side of the bed I was on and sat at my feet, he turned to me, ed at my face? He put his hand on my ankle, and I kicked it off. Every time he touched me it felt like my heart was breaking. I didn’t know why. He tried to touch me again, and I flinched again.

“Damn it Charlotte!” He yelled getting up. I was taken aback. “Here I am, waiting for you to at least get out of bed, patiently no less. I love you char, and I want you to love me back. I understand what happened yesterday, but you need to ge-” I cut him off before he could get too far into his pathetic speech.

“Get over it? Huh? Is that it? Really Luka? First of all, my brother died! He’s fucking gone! Do you understand Luka? He’s gone, as in not coming back. How do you expect me to feel?” I stood up on my feet so that we were both standing now. “But yes, I forgot you’re the next alpha, so whatever you say goes right? Or no, you’re father, who murdered my brother says what goes.” I said sarcastically, getting chocked up. “News flash Luka Pierce, you’re father killed my brother, and you watched without hesitation. Your dad is pathetic, and I could barely look at you. If you think I’m staying here, you’re delusional.” I pushed past him and out of the room.

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After I left the room I heard a loud growl, and things being thrown and breaking.

“Charlotte!” I heard again, and this time the stars were vibrating. I knew he was going to come after me so I started to jog down the stars at a faster pace. There were people around the house either looking at me expecting something to happen, and most were going into rooms wanting to stay out of the situation.

“You’re not leaving!” I heard him behind me, and I turned around.

“Watch me.” He looked past me and nodded. I looked forward again, and there were two huge men now standing at the foot of the stars.Click This Link To Join Our WhatsApp Group For Latest Stories Updates

“You’re not leaving, I can’t let you.” He said this time a little calmer.

“Why Luka?” I said facing him. “Aside from this ‘I’m your mate bullshit’ why should I be here? For god sakes, my brother died because I was here. I’m leaving, and there is nothing you can do that can stop me aside from killing me, but maybe you’d want your dad to do it because he did kill my parents other child.” I ascended the stairs, and gave both men my hardest stare. They move out of the way and I walked to the doors. I took a deep breath and opened the doors, and walked outside. The crisp autumn breeze bit at my arms.

Even though I had only shifted once I needed this to get home. There was no way I was going to walk home with a short sleeve, and shorts with no shoes.

“Evergreen.” I whispered. “Evergreen, come to me. I’m so sorry for the pain you’ve been through, if any.” I didn’t know how this whole wolf thing worked, or if she could feel the exact pain I could. I had thought about this whole wolf thing long enough for it to be my new normal.

“Evergreen.” I whispered again. This time I felt something.

“Char. I missed you so much.” Evergreen said inside my head.

“Evergreen, can you shift into the wolf you are, so I can go home?” I asked a bit unsure.

“Oh, Charlie. You can do that yourself. All you have to do is see yourself as a wolf. You need to feel how you feel as a wolf. Put yourself there. You should change in no time.” She chuckled.

“Oh, right.” I envisioned myself as a wolf. I don’t know or remember what color I was, but I was hoping that a simple wolf would suffice.

Next thing I knew I was a chocolate brown wolf. It was weird having to look at myself covered with hair, well, fur. It blew my mind because I still was me, but in dog form.

“Ok, Evergreen, lets go.” I said started to gallop from Lukas house gates.

“Charlie, what about our mate?” Evergreen whimpered. I stopped in my tracks.

“He did something bad, he hurt me. I don’t know if we’ll come back.”

“But we have to come back, I love him.”

“Me too Eve, but I need time away, and I need my parents to know that I’m ok now.” With that I turned back to the woods and started to run home.

To tell my parents that I was mated to A soon-to-be alpha would overjoy them I assume, it also having to tell them that said alphas father killed their son want going to be easy. Maybe I didn’t have to tell them Luka is my mate. I still didn’t know anything about this whole thing and how it worked, what if they could smell that I found my mate?

I hate Luka for this, I hate him.

I kept running till I reached my house, the back of it. It surprised me that I actually found it. I shifted to my body form and grabbed some leaves to cover myself till I got to the back patio. I walked up the the swing we have in the back and grabbed the blanket to wrap around myself.

I walked up to the back door and twisted the handle and walked in the house as stealthy as possible. Right when I stepped in alarms started blaring. I started panicking, and I didn’t know what to do. Next thing I knew my dad burst into the kitchen with a baseball bat. Swinging.

“DAD! Dad it’s me.” I said waving one hand, and the other holding onto the fleece blanket tightly.

“Wha-Charlotte!” He shrieked dropping the bat and lunging towards me engulfing me in a huge hug.” Then my mother burst in wide eyed, joined in on the smothering me.

“Oh, honey we missed you!” She said with a huge smile. Soon enough my parents both pulled back, and looked at me.

“Why are you in just a blanket?” My dad sternly asked.

“Yes, and where’s your brother?” My mother chuckled. My stomach sank.


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To be continued…

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