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[Story] Forbidden Human Mate – Episode 17

Lukas pov

Once Charlotte shifted and lunged at my father, he stepped down and shifted back into human form. Charlotte had found her wolf, but it was at a major sacrifice. Wesley had to die.

“Wesley, oh Wes, Im so sorry.” She sobbing holding Wesley in her lap as I covered her naked body with a blanket so no one could see her. Within two minutes it seemed she had snapped back to reality. I reached out to lay my hand on her back and she flinched.

“Don’t touch me, I hate you!” She said.

“What?” I said, my voice not wanting to come out. My mate just said she hated me. My heart couldn’t help but break a little.

“Get your hands off of me!” She yelled.

I flinched off of her because I didn’t expect that, and because I didn’t know if she’d try and rip my head off

She stood up holding the blanket against her body that was glistening with sweat. She turned around and faced me slowly and looked at me through her damp hair that fell into her beautiful face.

“You, did this to my brother.” She said coldly

“Now, C-Charlotte..” I tried before she cut me off.

“Don’t call me that!” She yelled once more as she pushed past me and out the door. No one moved and I didn’t order anyone to follow her because she had just lost her own brother at the jaws of her soon to be father-in-law.

“Charlotte!” I yelled as I ran through the trees that surrounded the outskirts of out territory. I could smell her but it was kind off scattered everywhere. The strongest I could smell it was coming from a small cave between these two redwood trees.

“Charlotte, are you here?” I whispered as I entered slowly because who knew if she wanted to kill me for what my father took from her and her family.

As I reached a little stone slab her scent was getting stronger. I reached the slab and I expected to see her there. All that was there was the blanket. That meant she was naked in this fifty degree weather.

I ran out of the cave and repeatedly yelled her name frantically. There wasn’t much left of the the pack territory and with the he state of mind she was in it now she would do something ridiculous.

“Char-” That’s when I heard her scream.

“I should just end it all right now. I lost my best friend, world, my rock. What I’d there to stay around for?” I could hear in my head. Since she finally got her wolf to come out out minds are finally linked up, unless she figures out to put her block up.

I finally could smell her scent coming form the crystal waterfall located at the very edge of out forest territory. I sprinted all the way to her scent to catch her spreading her at,s as if she was going to take off in flight. She looked back at me and started to tilt forward. I ran towards her and wrapped my arms around her body in the last second and felt backwards.

“What are you doing.” I whispered into her ear as I held her close to me. All she could do was cry.

I picked her up bridal style and started walking back to the pack house.

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As I reached the pack house I set her down on the grass and took off my shirt putting it on her. I didn’t want any other wolf looking at my mate or their future Luna. I picked her up and walked through the doors.

Everyone was in the living area talking but as I walked through the the doors that all stopped and looked at me then to Charlie in my arms. I ignored them and carried her to my bedroom.

I set her on my bed and ran a shower for myself.

Who knew that within a day something could change so drastically. I didn’t mean for her to lose her brother. Her parents didn’t even know, they thought their daughter was somewhere with a friend and that their son was going to get her. Now they don’t have a son on earth anymore, and I was the one that was going to ave to tell them.

How could I explain that Charlotte was safe, and my mate, and my father was the one who killed they son. That’s like trying to fix a broken vase with a hammer.

I also didn’t know if Charlotte would hate me. Sure she would associate me with the death of her brother because my father killed him. I hated my father for that No human could ever be with a werewolf mate or not rule. Now that he killed my mates brother and it caused her to almost kill herself, he was below dirt to me.

I turned off the shower and grabbed a towel to dry off. I could sense that Charlotte was awake and stepped out of the bathroom, and into my room.

She was sitting on the edge of the bed and staring at the floor or her feet.

“Charlotte, babe, are you okay? Do you need anything?” I asked grabbing some underwear and putting them on along with some sweats. I approached her and her stare seemed empty. I tried to put my arm around her and she scooted away from me.

“Do you want me to bring you food?” I asked and she shook her head no.

“Can you at least talk to me?” She vigorously shook her head no.

I knew she probably would hate me, but I didn’t expect her to shut me out completely. I mean I could probably hear her thoughts right now but they were completely silent. It was almost as if she shut her own wolf out.

“Do you want me to leave?” She shook her head yes. I got up grabbed a shirt and headed towards the door. I looked back at her before I left and she tilted to the side and laid down faced away from the doorway.


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To be continued…

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