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[Story] Forbidden Human Mate – Episode 16

I was in and out of consciousness. My sense of smell was heightened due to the fact that my eyes wouldn’t open.

I was bound to some type of table, and the cuffs were almost burning my ankles and wrists. I fought as much as I could. At the moment I was thinking of just giving up and seeing where I would go after all this.

I won’t be hurt by not being with Luka. He would be hurt and I’d feel horrible about it, but not physically hurt. As I was trying to get my body to give in to unconsciousness a familiar smell hit me.


Every two minutes the smell would get stronger.

Somehow, someway, I smelled something and I knew it was Wesley. Usually I would question this, but I was scared for my life.

I gathered all of my strength, and screamed for my brother at the top of my lungs.



“IM IN HERE!” As if he knew where “here” was. I sure didn’t, but sure enough I could sense the smell getting closer.

Next thing I knew there was banging on the door and it opened.

“Wesley?” I asked frantically.

“Not quite.” I heard Lukas dad voice.

“Why are you doing this to me? Just let me leave and I promise I will…”

“Leave her alone!” I was cut off my Wesley screaming.

I started to panic and shake. It was almost as if I was having an anxiety attack, but I’d never had the problem with anxiety. My skin started to get hot and I started to swear bullets.

“Charlotte!” I heard someone say, assuming it was Duke. It sounded a lot like him.

“Charlie” There was Grayson.

My eyes still wouldn’t open.

“Let my sister go! NOW!” Wesley growled. GROWLED?

“You’re pathetic Welsey.” Alpha Ryan laughed. “You don’t know how easy it would be for me to kill you right now.” He chuckled.

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My eyes shot open.

“No!”I screamed. I jolted forward breaking the cuffs on my wrists and ankles. I was huffing with anger and my body was in burning pain.

Thats when Wesley shifted and lunged at Ryan.

Wesley was a wolf?

I stayed standing on the table stunned and Duke and Gray were standing by as stunned as I was.

Ryan had shifted as well and the two wolves were biting at each other.

Wesley was a chocolate brown wolf with a yellowish tint. Alpha Ryan was a larger wolf and he was pitch black.

The wolves scrambled across the room as I stand on the surgical table huffing and puffing and still sweating as if something or someone was scratching me on the inside to come out.

The bigger wolf jolted furiously and the smaller wolf fell limp to the floor.

“WESLEY!” I yelled lunging at Alpha Ryan. Next thing I see is Kaine and some other men holding back a shifted back Alpha with a blanket. In my perspective he was lower to the ground and everyone was looking up at me.

“What?” I said violently. All I heard was a growl.

“Charlotte!” I heard again behind me. It was Luka. I turned around to see him looking disheveled breathing hard in the doorway. His eyes bulging.

I looked away from him to notice I wasn’t me. I had a tail, and a dog body. What?

I started to look around frantically till I saw my brothers body on the floor back to normal and bloody. I shattered.

I fell to the floor at his head. Someone rushed over to me covering the cold with a blanket over me.

“Wesley, oh Wes, Im so sorry.” I cried. I touched his gash on his neck till i was covered in his blood. He did this, Ryan, did this!

When I realized where I was and who was around me I snapped back to reality.

“Don’t touch me.” I said coldly.

“What?” I heard Lukas timid voice behind me.

“Get your hands off of me!” I yelled. He flinched off of me.

I stood up holding the blanket against my body that was damp with sweat. I turned around and faced Luka and looked at him through my damp hair that fell into my face.

“You, did this to my brother.”

“Now, C-Charlotte..”

“Don’t call me that!” I yelled as I pushed pass him and ran all the way till I exited the house and ran into the woods till I reached a small cave. I made sure to stay on Lukas territory.

No one would hurt me now because, first I was Lukas mate.

And two, Im a werewolf.

I didn’t think this through so much. I knew Luka would soon find me. We were mates and he knew my scent. Of course he would find me he had heightened senses, he was Alphas son. Second reason I didn’t think it through I was cold and naked. I would die of hypothermia in no time because all I had was a thin blanket.

I figured I would at least get a little shut eye. I laid down and held myself.

My brother was gone. Wesley was dead. My bestfriend. He always protected me and made sure I was never sad. He was my protector and safety blanket. Now he was gone. I would never see him again. This couldn’t be fixed with a bandaid or a kiss. It was all over. My heart was broken.

“Why!” I cried into my blanketed hands. “Why you Wesley?” I squeezed my eyes shut as tears fell. I continuously cried till I dozed off.

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To be continued…

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