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[Story] Forbidden Human Mate – Episode 15

“Dad, I can’t find her!” I heard Wesley yell from the ground above me.

“IM RIHF FEEER!” I tried to yell through the duck tape.

“Don’t speak!” The lady yelled slapping me across the face. Who in their right mind would treat a 5 year old like this?

“Charlotte!” my dad yelled desperately.

I was scared out of my mind and I didn’t understand why this was happening to me and where my bestfriend was.

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“This might hurt a bit sweat pea” The lady giggled before she ripped the tape off my face. It felt like she tore off my top layer. Tears came down my face but no whimpers escaped.

“Now, if you cooperate with me this won’t really hurt a whole lot. I’m going to give you some medicine through this shot.” She said holding up a shot with fluid that was glowing bluish-green.

“I smell her!” I hear Wesley again. Next thing I know the ground is caving in on the woman.

“Wes! Help me out of here. Where’s mommy and daddy?”

“They’re coming right now princess, hold on. Where’s the witch?”

After he said that she grabbed his ankle and snapped it causing him to fall. While he was falling he ripped the ties that bound me to the wooden post.

I flung to his side and tried to hit the ladys hands away from Wes. That was my mistake because as i was doing that she jammed the needle into my thigh and forced the fluid into me. I could feel as it burned going into my veins.

“No!” Was all I heard before Wesley went crazy and ripped the witch to shreds.

I couldn’t move anything. My limbs weren’t listening to me. It was like I was alive inside but not outside. I was in so much pain, but I was frozen in time.

“Char, I’m so sorry.” Wes cried as he picked me up and carried me to the surface.

“Wesley, what happened!?” Both of my parents asked in the darkness of my mind.

“That stupid witch injected Char with anti-canine” He cried.

“No! Not my baby.” I heard my mom, then i felt her soft hand on my head.

“Mom what are we going to do?”

“We have to hope, she makes it through. If she does then her mate will help in getting evergreen back.” She sobbed.

Mate? What is a mate? Why were they talking about me like I was not here?

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To be continued…

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