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[Story] Forbidden Human Mate – Episode 13

“Wake up!” I heard a voice yell as ice cold water was thrown on me. Every inch of my body stung from all the little and not so little cuts on my body. I struggled to open my eyes.

“You’re on day 9 and still nothing. You disgrace of a creature!” Then came the blow, right to my side. At this point I was ready to throw in the towel. If Luka was coming he would have come by now.

“Even if…I die here you’ll all pay for what you are doing.” I whimpered with pain.

“Poor girl.” Kaine said grabbing the back of my hair and forcing me to look at his face. “You forget this is Lukas pack not yours and nothing absolutely nothing will get him to turn on all of us.”

Kaine was the leader of the fighting portion of the pack. Let’s just say his hatred for humans was the worst of them all. When everyone else found mercy while giving me my daily beatings he would call them cowards and finish me off for them. His hatred was immense.

I didn’t understand any of this
still I had so many questions so many things that were still confusing. Why did this happen to me of all people?

Every day I had to muster up the courage to keep fighting despite my body telling me it was time. I could feel the hurt from Luka, and somehow I could feel his yearning for me. I mean all of this wolf-mate stuff was still weird, but I still had an understanding for it.

If I felt his emotions and physical pain from time to time, because let’s face it there was a lot of physical pain on my part to differ his from mine, wouldn’t that mean that he cold feel my physical pain?

Having that thought alone gave me mounds of guilt. Even though I wasn’t the one bringing him pain I still felt like it was my fault if he could feel my pain. That also brought another thought to my mind. If I gave up, the pain of me dying would be worse than whatever he’s feeling now from me.

“So” Kaine’s strong voice boomed through the cell. “Are you don’t with yet?” He chuckled.

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“Never” I said coldly, my eyes never meeting his.

“You know for a fact that Luka isn’t coming yet you still fight for nothing? Unless you like my beatings, and I’m not going to lie I enjoy it very much so.”

“I am waiting for him and he will come!” I shouted earning me a hard slap to the side of my head.

“Don’t you ever speak to me that way..” He tried to speak to me of authority before I cut him off.

“Why?” I looked into his eyes. “Why can’t I? You’re no one of authority. You’re just the trainer. Yes you know how to fight, but if you want me to listen to you, you’d better be either alpha or Luka because last time I checked when Luka becomes alpha I’ll be your Luna.” I paused for a moment stunned that he hadn’t slapped or kicked me. “So when we’re done here and I’m out of this shit hole” I looked around the dingy cell. “You’ll be at the top of every watch list of any pack within a 100 mile radius.”

“Well, that was a nice speech human.” An older man came into the cell clapping his hands. Kaine took a few steps back towards the wall with his jaw clenched. I smiled a little at him in satisfactory.

The man now had made his way around me to where he was at my side.

“My name is Charlotte by the way.” I said turning to him. That’s when I took notice of his deep brown eyes and the nose and lip structure. This was Lukas father, the alpha.

“So no smart remarks or snappy attitude towards me all of a sudden.” He said rolling up his sleeves. He took notice of me eyeing his every move carefully. “I don’t want to get any of your blood on me honey that’s all.” Like that made me feel any more better than before.

“I didn’t catch your name.” I swallowed trying keep my calm stature, and tried not to show how incredibly intimidated I was.

“Alpha Ryan.” He chuckled. “There’s the smart remark I was referring to earlier.”

“I..I wasn’t trying to..”

“Anyway.” He cut me off. “I want you to know that we, my pack and I are never this inconsiderate to your kind, but we’ve also never had this problem before. You see our pack members always reject the human mate..”

“Doesn’t it damage them?” I snapped unintentionally.

“Well look who knows their stuff, well I bet you didn’t know it’s disrespectful to interrupt the alpha.” I lowered my hear waiting for a blow, but it never came. I looked back up and he continued to talk.

“The wolf, yes it does damage them for some time, but that’s why they just simply marry another female wolf that had to turn down their human mate. It’s perfect. The human mate never notices. They do hurt because of it, but all you humans have diagnosed it as depression, which is treatable thanks to science, and you will get over it. So you see it all worked out. Of course until you came into my sons life. All his life he’s been taught to reject his human mate if he were to get one and he didn’t thanks to you. Whatever this is stops now!” He began to get angry.

“Why would the Moon Goddess give wolfs human mates if it wasn’t for a particular reason?” I asked calmly.

“You know nothing!” He said kicking me in the stomach. Totally catching me off hairs causing the kick to hurt more than everything else. “The Moon Goddess makes those mistakes.”

“No she doesn’t, and you know that!” I said in pain.

“I was going to propose a choice for you, but I suppose you’ve already made up your mind.” He said and I silently agreed. “I’m done here, Kaine you know what to do.” He nodded to Kaine and exited.

Kaine came over to me with the slyest smile I’d ever seen and began to beat me repeatedly. After about 20 minutes he said he was tired and that it was enough exercise for today and left. I was half conscious and every wound on my body was numb leaving my entire body numb.

“Moon Goddess, I don’t know if you can hear me or if you can even hear humans, but please help me.” I whispered. “You paired me up with Luka for a reason, and I know that reason wasn’t for this to happen.” I began sobbing. “Moon goddess please help me.” I said one last time before I let my body go limp I heard the door slam open, and I let myself go completely unconscious so that Kaine would be completely done for the day.

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To be continued…

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