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[Story] Forbidden Human Mate – Episode 12

I saw the fear I her eyes and it sparked something violent in my wolf.

“Let her go!” I yelled struggling against Travis. He out of everyone shouldn’t have done this especially to me. After she was taken from my sight and a car drove off Travis let go of me and shifted. I followed soon after. I snarled at him, Brody now taking full control, and I lunged at him. I was stopped by what seemed like a brick wall.

“ENOUGH!” I landed to the ground shifted back into my human form. Before I could see who stopped me some shorts were thrown in my face blocking my view. I stood up and put them on and faced the person. The person ended up being the one and only Ryan Pierce. My father.

“Dad! They to-took my mate!” I spoke stuttering due to my rage.

“As I ordered.” My father never really expressed emotion, especially for “weakling” humans. So when he gave me that answer his face was colder than ice. I clenched my fists at my sides so I wouldn’t stalk towards him. He was my father for one and also he alpha of the pack. He made the rules, or should I say kept up the tradition.

“Why!?” I screamed at him. “Why does it have to be this way?! I need her! I need my mate.”

“You forget Luka, before this little foul thing..” I flinched at his reference to her. “Came into your life as your “mate” you hated them as much as anyone.”

“The moon goddess does not make mistakes father.” I replied clenching my teeth.

“Well looks like your mate was her first one. Now everyone get back to pack territory! I shall see you home in a couple hours.” He said turning to me at the last part.

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“Hi, Ella are Grayson or Duke home?”

“Yes, which one do you prefer?” Grayson and Dukes sister asked me sucking on a lollipop. Usually that would turn me on, but not now.

“Not Duke.” I half heartedly smiled.

“GRAYSON!” She yelled up towards the stairs. “He should be down in a minute. Nice seeing you Luka.”

“Hey what’s up Luka?” Grayson said jogging down the stairs replacing his sister at the door.

“There’s a bit of a problem.” I said scratching at the back of my neck.

“Where’s Charlie?” He asked getting anxious.

“That’s kinda the problem.” I choked out. “My pack took her.”

“They WHAT!” Duke yelled now stomping down the stairs.

“Jesus..chr-ok look I-”

“See I knew I shouldn’t have let her leave with you! I knew you weren’t going to protect her! What kind of mate are you to let your pack-who hate human mates-take her?! I bet you didn’t even try to protect her against them. You just let them hall her away crying and you could fucking care less-”

“STOP!” Ella yelled coming to the door seeing how close I had gotten to Duke neither of us backing down.

“You don’t fucking understand! I tried, I tired so hard! I’m not here to get lectured over the protection over my mate. I came here to ask you guys to help me get her back, she trusted you guys. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to.” I said a bit calmer and started walking off the porch.

“Wait! I’m coming asshole.” Duke said coming down the porch stairs lugging on a leather jacket.

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To be continued…

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