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[Story] Forbidden Human Mate – Episode 8

*beep beep BEep BEEP*

I snaked my hand out from under the covers and slammed onto my alarm clock to shut it off. I let a groan escape my lips as I drag myself out of bed and to my restroom. My hair is still a little damp from my shower last night so I leave it alone for now. I splash water in my face then look in the mirror.

“Shit.” I said as I now see a purple bruise under my right eye. This was not just any bruise, it looked like someone had done more than punched me. That wasn’t even the case in the first place.

“Wow, the rock hit me hard.” I concluded as I inspected it in the mirror. I walked out of the restroom after I brushed my teeth and decided to leave my hair down. I picked out a decent outfit for a fall day. A pair of sweats that rolled up to the middle of my calves and a gray zip up sweater, along with my high top black converse. I walked back into the restroom to see if I had any makeup items in my old makeup bag to cover up my bruise.

“Hey, dad wanted…”

“Wesley get out.” I said walking towards him and shoving him out of my restroom.

“Hey, hey wait- Char is that a bruise?” He asked grabbing my chin to look at my face. “Char…has anyone been hitting you?” He sternly asked this time.

“No. Now get out I need to find something to cover it up.” I finished shoving him out and slamming my restroom door. After about 2 minutes I tried to find something but I was out of luck. I grabbed my stuff and looked at the clock it was 7:12 am I had 18 minutes till school started.

“Dad I’ll be in the car!” I shouted as I went down the stairs and out the door. After I finished buckling up, my dad along with Wesley came out of the house towards the car.

“Here, you didn’t grab breakfast.” My dad said as he got in the car handing me a granola bar.


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“Are you ok sweetie?” My dad asked worriedly. I guess it was because of my outfit choice, and because I had my head down with my hood on. What other choice did I have I didn’t want him asking me questions like Wesley did. Speaking of Wesley.

“Wesley why are you in the car?” I asked, my head still down.

“I’m going to chaperone you today at school.” I could almost see the smirk on his face.

“Like hell you are!” I said picking my head up and looked at him in the rearview mirror.

“Charlotte!” My dad scolded. At least I thought he did till he asked to see my eye. “How did you get this? Was it at school yesterday? No, you were fine when you got home. How did you get this Charlotte?”

“It’s nothing dad. I just dropped my phone on my face.” I lied. It was a bad one because it earned me a laugh from dad and a sly comment from Wesley.

“Have a good day at school.” My dad called as I stepped off the car and pulled my hood over my head again.

“Hey.” Wesley called at me from outside the car, and I walked up to him. “I know you were lying, if anything happens today you tell me ok? He said touching my cheek in a caring way making me look up at him.

“Ok.” Was all I said before I walked into school. I had 5 minutes till the bell rang for everyone to go to their first class so I just went to home room. Before I went I stopped at my locker to drop off my text book I wouldn’t need till my last periods.

“Hey Charlotte.” I heard next to me. I didn’t want to talk to anyone today especially if it was Luka. I put my books in and closed the locker and continued to walk to my home room.

“Hey!” The person called out to me following behind me.

“Charlotte, it’s Grayson.” He said catching my shoulder. I whipped around and looked at him to show his masterpiece.

“Oh, shit. Charlie. Did I do that.” He said wincing.

“Well, I mean I think so.” I said lifting my finger to my chin. “Throwing those rocks and all.”

“Im so sorry.”

“It’s alright, it just gives me more a reason to hide my face.” I chuckled as the bell rang to go to home room. “See you later Gray.”

“See ya in Chemistry.” He waved and jogged to his first class.

I walked into my homeroom and took my seat hiding my face the best I could. I took out my notebook so I could do something and doodle for half an hour.

“Hey, you’re Charlotte right?” The girl next to me asked.

“Uh yeah.” I said turning towards her, but trying keep my eye unseen.

“It’s Sara, remember from the table with Grayson and Duke.”

I nodded my head as response and faced forward again.

“Are you ok Charlie?”

“Yeah I’m fine.” I answered as convincing as possible.

The bell rang and I picked up my stuff without putting it in my bag like I always did and went to my next class that I had Grayson in. Before I could get to my chem class someone tugged off my hood from behind. I turned around to see Sara.

“Oh my god.” She gasped.

“It’s that bad.” I mumbled.

“Who did this?”

“You know, that seem like the most famous question today.” I chuckled. “I did it on accident, my phone.” I smiled.

“Oh.” She smiled grabbing her chest. “You scared me I thought I was going to have to kick some ass. You have to be more careful next time.”

“Yeah, uh I’ll see you later I’m going to be late.” I rushed out to Sara right when I saw Luka coming our way behind her.

“Ok bye.” She smiled, and I rushed into my class room down the way.

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To be continued…

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