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[Story] Forbidden Human Mate – Episode 7

Having my first kiss like that and finding out that mythical creatures, that I had fantasized about existing since I’d seen twilight, maybe existed I was just standing in my lawn. Luka had driven off and all I had to do was go inside, and let my oh so loving parents know that I was ok. I just couldn’t. What was a mate? Why did Luka always make a grimace almost in pain every time he was near me or talking to me? I know that I hadn’t been at this school for more than a day, but I noticed Lukas reactions to me because he’s the kind of boy that always will catch your attention.

“Hey! you! get off our lawn…or on second thought give me your number and I’ll let you stay!” My annoying slutty older bother Wesley called from the porch.

“First of all..” I said turning around. “I’m your sister. Second, if I were another girl I would have to you to go fuck yourself.” I said with a smile as I reached the porch and walked up to the door.

“Wow, what’s gotten into you? You cursed.” Wesley gasped sarcastically due to the fact that I never ever spewed profanities from my mouth.

“Yeah, well it’s been a day.” I huffed and pushed past him and walked in the house.

“MOM..DAD IM HOME, AND IM FINE JUST LET ME GO UP TO MY ROOM IM VERY TIRED.” I called in to the house as I took the stairs by two in attempt to get to my room faster.

“Charlotte Dunn!” I heard my mom yell out form I don’t even know where in the house.

I ran up the stairs as fast as I could and into my room. I set my stuff down and headed back downstairs.

“Yes?” I said popping my head in the kitchen where my parents were. My dad in a chair and my mom at the stove cooking.

“Where were you? I was worried sick. You’re father said you were ok, but you know him Mr. “calm one”.

“I was getting a ride home. He just go delayed a-”

“Him?” My dad said cutting into the conversation looking away from the newspaper. “Who’s him?” He said again cocking an eyebrow at me whilst my mom just smiled at me.

“Oh come on Jared, let your daughter be a teenager.” Mom laughed to my defense.

“Ok no, it’s not like that…he’s a player, a fool and personally I’m not a fan of the ‘my ego is bigger than my feelings’ kind of people.” I said grabbing an apple from the bowl in the middle of the table and I turned to walk away.

“Now that’s my girl. See Hannah she doesn’t need boys.” I heard my dad say as I exited the kitchen on my way to the stairs.

“Shush!” Was all my mom said and then I heard my dad chuckle. I didn’t understand, my dad didn’t want me to date, not that I had any problem with that, and my mom wanted me to date. She’s been wanting me to come home and say I’ve met the one ever since my 16th birthday. What was the big deal?

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I changed my clothes, and set my text book out on my bed organizing in what order I was going to do my homework. I had almost gone through all my assignments and I was on bio which was my last homework paper when I heard someone whistling out side and rock hitting my window. I tried to ignore it for a while, but then I started to get annoyed.

I walked over to my window and as soon as I opened it to order whoever it was that was doing this to stop, a rock hit me right in the eye.

“Ah!” I cried out as soon as it made contact with my face and staggered away from the window. I turned away from my window and crouched over holding my eye as if that would subside the pain.

“Holy shit! I’m so sorry Charlie!” The person said over and over. Wait!

“Get out!” I turned around waving my arms around like a maniac, probably looking like one to, with one eye closed making the other one blur my vision so I couldn’t make out a face.

“HEY! hey chill it’s me Grayson!” He said dodging and trying to grab at my arms.

“What!? Jackass what the fuck?” I said grabbing my eye again.

“Oh wow you-”

“Cursed I know I don’t do it often, anyway why are you here? And how the hell did you get up here so fast?” I said astonished.

“Ok um besides that well, you know why?” he said butting at his lower lip.

“Um no don’t do that with your face, and why what do you mean that I know?” I said backing up and sitting on my bed.

“You know more or less about this town now thanks to Vic and Luka.” He said Lukas name like it had a bad taste. I also knew then what he was talking about.

“You mean..”

“The whole town is made up of werewolves.”

“You…y-y-you’re a…” I stammered.

“Yes, Charlotte I’m a werewolf too, and so is Duke. As well as everyone else.”

“Wait no, I don’t understand…then why would my dad move here? Does he know this? No! he can’t know about this he wouldn’t ever believe this..” I laughed to myself. “This all has to be some sick joke.”

“Mr. Dunn knows everything, and he moved here for you Charlotte.”

“Wha-” I tried to speak.

“You’re something special.” Grayson said as he embraced me.

“This makes no sense.” I argued pushing him off. “This doesn’t…I can’t…” I cleared my throat. “What’s a mate?”

“Why?” He said stunned.

“Because Vic said that Luka had a lovely mate, and he gestured to me.”

“Y-you’re Luka Crescent’s mate?” He said wide eyed and started to back up from me and toward the window.

“Why do you say it like that?” I laughed a little at his overreacting skills.

“Uhm, I need to go. Sorry about your eye Charlie. Ah…I’ll see you at school.” And with that he was gone, jumped out the window.

After this I was left with so many questions. I was special? Why did me being Lukas mate scare Grayson off? What did my dad know? Also how was I going to explain this obviously forming black eye tomorrow?

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To be continued…

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