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[Story] Forbidden Human Mate – Episode 6


“Wow, what a mate you got there.” A man emerged from the trees. He glanced at me and smirked at Luka. Mate? What does that even mean?

“Why are you here?” Luka growled at him. What is with Luka and all this growling it’s not very human like.

“Oh, you know Luka just making your life hell.” The guy said and next thing I know he turned into a big chocolate brown dog. I let out a scream and Luka locked eyes with mine. He was next to turn into a dog except his looks slightly bigger and his was jet black.

“Oh my GOD!” I yelled to myself trying to get out of the car. I didn’t know where I would go but I didn’t want to die this way. The doors wouldn’t open.

“FUCKING CHILD LOCK!” I yelled frantically pulling at the door handles.

Both dogs were rolling around biting at each other drawing blood and snarling like wild animals. They rolled around and then ended up on the hood of the car. I was screaming like a lunatic at this moment. The jet black dog looked at me and I could see by his eyes that it was Luka. The dog gave me a sympathetic look a whimpered. I was so far back in my seat that I thought I was going to sink through by how much pressure I was applying.

The dogs tossed around a but ore till the brown one was limp-running away with a lot of blood on its fur. The jet black dog came closer to the passenger window and just stared at me. I scooted to the far side of the drivers side and hugged my body. I didn’t think that I would die this young and like this.

The dog nudged the window a couple times making the whole car shake.

“Please don’t get in.” I whispered to myself and a few tears escaped my eyes.

Finally the dog tapped the window with his nose and the window fell.

“No no no nO NO!” I sobbed putting my hands in front of me. “Please, I don’t know if you can hear me or understand me but please don’t eat me or kill me.”

The dog stuck his head in the truck and cocked his head at me causing his ears to flap around a little. Then he let out a whimper as he came closer to my hands that were shielding me from the thing.

“LUKA!” I screamed and snapped my hands up to my face and squeezed my eyes shut.

After a while I opened my eyes and it was just me in the car. Just me. I was alone.

“Luka?” I said in a tiny whisper as I crawled to the passenger side. I had to work up the courage to peer out the window that the creature dropped of the track. “Luka?” I now said a bit louder sticking my torso out of the window.

He was nowhere to be seen. I slipped back in the car and pulled out my phone.

No Service

“No!” I shouted at my phone and shoved it back in my pocket. Then I started crying. Like full on ugly sobbing crying. I leaned my body up against the driver’s side closed my eyes and hugged my body.

I heard the passenger door opened causing me to fall back, and I was engulfed in warm strong arms.

“Luka.” I whispered still with closed eyes.

“I’m here it’s ok now.” He said in reply.

“Wait! Luka!” I pushed back in shock. “What the fuck?!”

“Hey, hey.” He said fixing the sweatshirt that hung on his body now. “Calm down.”

“CALM DOWN? Why….Wh…Wh-What was that? Those dogs were just…I-I” I stammered trying to say something.

“Wolves.” He interjected cutting me off.

“Wait, What!”

“They were wolves.” He said calmly.

“Why are you talking crazy-you know what I just want to get home.” I said feeling uneasy now that he said those dogs were wolves. He was crazy.

“Charlotte, those were werewolves, and I was the black one. The one that knocked the window off its track to get the clothes at the feet of the passenger side. The one you flinched away from.” He said. At the last part his face sagged in sadness a little.

“I-I can’t take this right now. Just please, Luka, take me home now like you offered.”

“Of course.” He said jumping in the drivers seat and started the truck. I buckled up and laid my head on the window, the fresh air helped the headache forming go away.

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“Here you are.”

“Tha- wait, how did you know where I lived?” I asked a little creeped out.

“Unless you want to hear anything else about werewolves I’m afraid I can’t tell you Charlotte.” He sighed running a hand through his fluffy hair.

As much as I did want to know about this werewolf thing and why that man I the woods called me Lukas mate, but I just wanted to go inside and I was sure my parents were going crazy.

“No.” I lied “You’re right I can’t handle this right now, like I said before.” I sighed. “I-I’ll see you tomorrow at school Luka.”

“Yeah, ok. Bye Charlotte.” He said unbuckling my seatbelt. I turned at the same time to grab my backpack and the next thing I know our noses were touching.

My breath caught I’m my throat and he swallowed hard.

“Charlotte, I don’t know if you would let me kiss you but I’m probably going to anyway.” He whispered.

Before I could protest, his hand eased into my hair and he the rest of the way causing our lips to touch. At first I was taken totally by surprise. After a while I was kissing back. My arms went around his neck bringing us closer. One of his hands in my hair and one resting on my hip, I couldn’t believe this was my first kiss.

I could feel Luka roughening the kiss and there was quite a bit grunting on his end.

“Luka.” I said breaking the kiss. All he did was bring me back and kiss me more hungrily.

“Luka!” I argued and shoved him off. “Stop!” When I got far enough away I could see that Lukas eyes were a darker shade of brown, almost black.

“Uhh, sorry.” He grunted and shook his head. After he did that he looked at me and his eyes were back to normal.

I placed my hand in his shoulder and his tense body relaxed. He let out a breath and closed his eyes as if he was going to vomit.

“Luka are you-”

“I’m fine Charlotte.” He shrugged my hand off. “I’ll see you at school tomorrow.” He said facing the steering wheel away from me.

“Thank you for the ride.” I said before I got off the car. I turned around and he drove off.

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To be continued…

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