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[Story] The CEO and Me – Episode 18

Introducing Mr and Mrs Matthews


My eyes slowly fluttered open. I feel someone’s arms wrapped around my torso and I slowly begin remembering last nights events. I looked up and seen Brian’s sleeping face. His eyes softly opened.

“Morning beautiful,” he said smiling at me.


“That’s the best sleep I have ever had,” he said pulling me tightly into his arms.

“Me too,” I chuckled.

Brian pecked my forehead and stood up.

“Today is the day you meet my parents. Are you excited?”

“Lena, it won’t be that bad.”

I got up from the bed.

“Yes it will. They will see right through this. They will probably think I’m some sort of gold digger! Brian, they are going to hate me. Once they find out I’m a guardian they will either think I’m really a gold digger or that I’m pregnant. Oh my gosh Brian. I can’t do this,” I mumbled pacing back and forth.

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“Well it was a mutual decision.”

Brian chuckled, “get ready beautiful.” He leaned down, kissed my forehead, and walked out of the room.

What was with him kissing my forehead today? Not that I’m not enjoying it but it is just strange. I keep telling myself I can’t fall for Brian. He probably could have any woman in the world. Why would he want a 19 year old who has no house or parents and is looking after her four year old brother? Yeah, that’s right, he wouldn’t.

I quickly change into something casual but still dressy. I walk out of the bedroom and see Brian, already changed, on the phone.

“Yes. Wait, what do you mean? Mr. Winters backed out of the merger? Did he say any reason why? Tell him I can have my assistant pencil him in when I get back. Okay, thanks Michael,” Brian ended the call and put his phone in his pocket. He pushed his fingers through his hair messing it up slightly.

“Are you okay?” I said walking up to Brian.

“Yeah, it’s nothing. Just work. Let’s go ahead and get out of here. My parents are probably waiting.”

Oh great.


“Brian,” a woman resembling Carly said taking him into a hug.

“Father,” said hugging his father, “this is Elena, my fiancé.”

“Pleasure to meet you Mr. And Mrs. Matthews,” I said smiling to hide my nervous aurora.

“Of course,” I said returning the hug.

I followed his parents to a table. We sat down, ordered our food, and Claire began conversation. Once the end of dinner came around, she pulled me aside.

“Thank you Mrs. Matthe- I mean Claire. It really means the world to me,” I replied genuinely.

She led me back to Brian and Jeffery. As soon as I was beside Brian I felt a hand grab mine. I didn’t need to look down to know it was his.

“It was lovely meeting you, Elena. It’ll be a pleasure to have you in the family,” Claire said smiling at me.

“It was lovely meeting you both as well,” I told them as Brian led me back to the comfort of our suite.


“What did my mother tell you earlier,” Brian said once we returned to the room.

“Oh. Nothing really. She is an incredible woman. I really admire her.”

“Yeah. She has became more involved in mine and Carly’s life since my father’s illness,” Brian said frowning at the floor.

“She told me to think of her as a mother if I wanted to and that she is happy that you met me,” I said sitting down on the couch, “I feel like we are lying to them. I feel awful.”

“Lena, we aren’t lying.”

“Brian, I’m not really your fiancé. There isn’t much that we aren’t lying about,” I said guiltily.

“Don’t feel bad. They loved you. You will be fine. I’ll have to face questions eventually but you’re already golden in my mother’s eyes.”

“I haven’t had a mother figure since my father’s passing. I don’t think I can deceive her like this. Brian, can we please tell her about the agreement? Just her?”

“Elena, you know we can’t tell anyone.”

“How long have they been wanting you to get married,” I asked. He looked down as soon as I asked the question.

“But you said- that why we started this whole thing. That was your gain from this arrangement,” I told Brian with a puzzled expression.

“I just wanted to help you and Kade. Lena, you have to understand-”

“Understand what? That you’ve been lying to me this entire time. That’s pretty clear,” I said backing away from Brian.

“No. Understand that I genuinely wanted to help you and your brother.”

“People don’t just do things like that, Brian. What did you really want? Was it for me to sleep with you? Was that it?”

“God no. Lena, please,” Brian’s expression turned painful.

“I can’t do this right now,” I quickly turned around and went towards the bedroom.

“Lena don’t do this ri-”

“Lena, please don’t cry.”


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To be continued…

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